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You are all ready to binge all 3 seasons of the latest and hottest Netflix TV series. A couple of hours in, your beer runs out and you have to get more from the fridge. Before long, your stomach starts to growl and you have to get up once again and fix yourself a snack. All the interruptions are getting in the way of your bingeing. Time to take bingeing to the next level with the Refrigerator Coffee Table.

With the Refrigerator Coffee Table, you have a dual drawer refrigerator storage space built right into your coffee table. That is a total of 130 liters of space which is about the equivalent of 164 cans of beer. There is more than enough space to store entire meals, not just snacks. Each of the drawers also has its own separate temperature control.

This futuristic furniture cum kitchen appliance has much more to offer than just refrigerated storage. It also has two powerful built-in Bluetooth speakers plus two USB charging ports for all your other entertainment needs.

What’s more, the LED controls for the coffee table are touch sensitive and built right into the table surface, under the tempered glass top.

With this smart fridge, you never ever need to leave the couch again except for toilet breaks. But of course, there are ways around that ….
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