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The Perfect Choice for Tent Camping


Some may consider bringing along an air bed on a camping trip more of a “glamping” trip but if you can squeeze that air bed into a  6.0 inch x 19.5 inch cylinder that also doubles up as the air pump, we say, “Why not?”

The AeroBed PakMat inflates into a  78-inch by 26-inch by 5-inch mattress that is fairly large, comfortable and it will keep you off the ground. It is made from lightweight, puncture-resistant TPU material. To inflate, just remove it from the storage container cum hand pump. Attach the pump to the valve and inflate the AeroBed. As for comfort, there is nothing like sleeping on 5 inches of air.

It does require a little effort to inflate the mattress but then you are there to rough it out, aren’t you? With a little elbow grease, the AeroBed inflates in about a minute. The pump even doubles up as a bellow for your campfire!

The AeroBed PakMat makes an ideal spare bed for temporary guests as it takes up so little space when collapsed. Just roll it up, stuff it back in the storage container and hide it at the back of the closet.

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