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If you are into art, graphic design or even crafting, you have most probably heard of Copic markers. If you are unfamiliar with them, let us just say that they are widely regarded by many as the world’s best markers. Copic markers are alcohol based markers and the reason why they are favored by many professional artists is because the colors they produce blend really well and you can get great color gradients.

However, the get a nice gradient, multiple Copic markers are needed and Copic markers are really expensive. To collect a sufficient number of markers for a proper artwork often requires spending a small fortune on the markers. The Chameleon Marker works as well as the Copic marker but a single marker can produce dozens of shades from light to dark. What you can do with a single Chameleon Marker requires half a dozen or more Copic markers.

The ingenuity of the Chameleon Marker comes from the use of the special mixing chamber. The mixing chamber contains a clear alcohol solution that dilutes and lightens the tip of the color marker. The longer you place the mixing chamber on top of the color tip, the lighter the color that you get.

As you use the color tip, the color starts out very light and as you keep on using the marker, the shade starts to get darker. If it gets dark too fast, you can always place it back in the mixing chamber. The gradient effect that you can get would require many, many different shades of Copic markers. The ink used is alcohol based so you can still further blend the colors on paper or mix multiple colors and blend them together to get the effect you are looking for.

Furthermore, the Chameleon Marker has dual nibs with a Japanese brush nib for wide strokes on one end and a bullet nib for more detailed work on the other end. Both nibs work the same with the mixing chamber.

You would think that a single Chameleon Marker that does the work of half a dozen Copic markers would cost more. But amazingly, Chameleon Markers actually cost slightly less than Copic markers. They don’t come in as many shades as Copic markers but then that is the whole point.

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