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How would you like to install really cool looking perimeter indirect lighting to any room by adding LED lights to crown moldings? Not too long ago, a project like this would have required professional installers as installing wooden molding is not an easy task and the electrical work required to wire up the molding for the lights is substantial. That’s why having a reliable sliding miter saw can be a good idea. Today, thanks to ready-made DIY Crown Molding constructed from high density, polystyrene foam and LED strip or rope lights, almost anyone can add this great effect to their homes all on their own.

The DIY Crown Molding are sold in kits. They come in kits of different total lengths so pick the one that is closest to the size of your room or the length you want to install. Bear in mind that you don’t have to do all the walls if you don’t want to. You can accent just one wall to create a more focused effect. Sometimes, less is more.

These moldings are light and easy to handle because they are made from polystyrene foam, similar to the white material used as protective packaging for your TV and other electrical appliances. However, these are much more durable than the brittle stuff they use for packaging.

They are easy to cut to size plus each kit will come with a number of pre-cut corners so that will save you some work. To install on the wall or ceiling, all you need is to use painter’s caulk. The molding stick to most surfaces including drywall, concrete, brick and wood. No power tools necessary. Just apply caulk at the top and bottom of the molding and press into the wall or ceiling surface. Wipe away the excess caulk and you are done.

The polystyrene crown molding can be painted using standard water-based paint. Only a single coating of paint is required. This makes the polystyrene molding much easier to paint compared to wood-based molding. After painting, you won’t be able to tell the difference between the two.

The LED rope lights can be placed into the cavity at the top of the DIY Crown Molding. You may want to stick a strip of foil tape at the bottom of the cavity to add a little reflectivity but it is entirely optional.

For more ideas on how to add indirect lighting into your home using crown molding, check out the photos above. Do also check out for the best tools to get DIY jobs like these done.
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