Book lovers can be dangerous samurai warriors too. Or you can at least make others think that you are secretly a master of the Japanese Katana with the Katana Samurai Sword Magnetic Bookends adorning your bookshelf.

The Katana Samurai Sword Magnetic Bookends consists of two hidden metal plates that you place in the books at both ends of your bookshelf. Then you attach the Katana hilt and the sword end magnetically to both books creating the illusion of a Katana sword that has impaled a row of books. Of course you would need a good number of books or you will end up with a rather short and not so menacing looking Katana.

Instead of books, you can also use the Katana Samurai Sword Magnetic Bookends for your collection of Japanese Samurai Movie DVD’s or your collection of martial arts instruction videos.

To further enhance your illusion of being an ancient Japanese warrior, you can add in a few Ninja star coat hooks as well.


Where to Buy Katana Samurai Sword Magnetic Bookends


Katana Samurai Sword Magnetic Bookends

Any self-respecting ninjitsu master could surely use a set of book ends… Shaped like a Katana sword – they frame your favorite reads and brilliantly look like you’ve impaled all of literature with your mighty (metaphorical) sword of knowledge.

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