“Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the fairest of them all?”

“I am sorry Queenie but I can’t freaking tell because the #$$%*& mirror is all fogged up!”

Poor Snow White’s morally challenged step-mother wouldn’t have had this problem if she had installed the Mirror Defogger Pad on the Magic Mirror ™. The Mirror Defogger Pad works like magic on both new and existing mirrors. Fogged up mirrors in damp castle bathrooms become crystal clear.

The defogger pad comes as an adhesive heating pad that you can easily stick to the back of your bathroom mirror as a DIY project. This Mirror Defogger Pad is an 18 x 26 inch rectangular model but you can also get the pads in other sizes as well as round shaped ones as well to fit round mirrors. It runs on 120 V power.


Where to Buy Mirror Defogger Pad


Mirror Defogger Pad

The Mirror Defogger Pad creates a steam-free environment. Widely used in bathrooms, especially in hotels, restaurants and residential buildings.

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