The Perplexus Twist is a three dimensional version of the traditional flat marble maze. Unlike the classic marble maze, the Perplexus Twist adds complexity and challenge by adding an additional dimension and encasing the entire 3D maze in a clear 7.5 inch transparent sphere housing.

Besides the added challenge of a third dimension, the Perplexus Twist offers multiple ways to solve the puzzle. There are 3 different tracks of different difficulty for you to crack your brains and test your hand-eye coordination and dexterity on. Twist, turn and tilt the transparent sphere to get the small marble from the starting point to the end point.

Each of the tracks has 30 different obstacles such as traps, cliffs and dead ends for you to maneuver through. The Perplexus Twist can be played solo or with a friend competitively.

The design of the Perplexus Twist makes it  a great travel-friendly puzzle game.


Where to Buy Perplexus Twist 3D puzzle game


Perplexus Twist 3D puzzle game

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