If you were a video gamer in the 90’s, you probably owned and played with the Sega Genesis game console. You also probably spent endless hours on games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Streets of Rage. Altered Beast and Golden Axe. If you would like to relive your classic gaming days, you will need to get an emulator software on the computer and download the ROMs or you can get yourself the AtGames Sega Genesis Classic Game Console.

The AtGames Sega Genesis Classic Game Console is a licensed Sega product. It comes with 2 wireless 6-button controllers. The controllers are a replica of the original Sega Genesis 6-button controllers which are widely regarded as the best controller for the Sega Genesis. The console has an additional 2 controller ports so if you happen to have any Genesis controllers, you can use them as well.

The AtGames Sega Genesis Classic Game Console has a cartridge slot for Genesis games but it also comes with 40 built-in classic Genesis games plus an additional 40 “bonus” games. The included Genesis games include some of the console’s top games such as Sonic the Hedgehog 1 & 2, Ecco and its sequels, Streets of Rage 1 to 3 and Shinobi 3. The bonus games are actually home brew games that were never released on the Genesis and are just there to pad up the numbers.

The console is a great way to relive and replay all the classic Genesis games as well as a way to introduce classic 16-bit gaming to the new generation who grew up on Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto games.


Where to Buy AtGames Sega Genesis Classic Game Console


AtGames Sega Genesis Classic Game Console

The AtGames Sega Genesis Classic Game Console is a licensed Sega product that plays original Genesis cartridges. It also comes with 80 built-in games.

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