The Karlsson Wall Clock Magnetic Whiteboard is both a wall clock and a magnetic whiteboard. This means two things.

One. You can create your own customized wall clock face with a bunch of colored whiteboard markers. You can replace your designs with a fresh new design whenever you feel a little creative. Just wipe out the old design and draw a new one. Go wild with your designs. It is like having a brand new clock every time you make a change. You can also incorporate magnetic mementos to your design as the clock is magnetic.

Two. Turn the Karlsson Wall Clock Magnetic Whiteboard into a reminder notice board with a built in clock. Have to pick up the kids from the mall at 3pm? Just write a note at the 3 o’clock position of the clock. Or get little magnets to represent tasks that you need reminding. For example, get a little magnet of a shopping basket to remind yourself to do your grocery shopping. Start the day by placing all your magnets around the clock to remind yourself of the tasks for the day.

This magnetic whiteboard wall clock by Karlsson  is ideal both at home as well as at the office.

The Karlsson Wall Clock Magnetic Whiteboard measures 16 x 16 inches with a whiteboard marker included. It runs on a single AA battery (not included).


Where to Buy Karlsson Wall Clock Magnetic Whiteboard


Karlsson Wall Clock Magnetic Whiteboard

Wall clock doubles as a magnetic whiteboard. Pen included. Measures 16 by 16-Inch.

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