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The Stylepie Fun-Fun LED Night Light is a bell-shaped LED night light that also functions as an alarm clock.  With the clock display facing down, it functions as an LED night light that provides a soft warm glow throughout the night. Flip the night light on its side and the night light goes off and the bottom surface displays the time.

The clock display of the Fun-Fun LED Night Light is also capable of showing the date, room temperature and humidity. The date can either be in 12H or 24H format while the temperature can either be in ºC or ºF. To change from one mode to another, just rock the clock from side to side. The same motion can also be used to activate the snooze function when the alarm goes off.

The night light cum clock is powered by an 1800mAh rechargeable battery. The USB charging port is cleverly hidden in a magnetic USB cable at the top of the light. To charge, just plug the included USB cable to the charging port.

The LED light is warm white and the brightness can be adjusted to one of the four different light intensities. The Fun-Fun LED Night Light is a great night light and alarm clock for the young ones. It is made from high strength TPE and ABS plastic that is safe for children.

The Fun-Fun LED Night Light is available from GearBest.

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