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The time of the year is approaching. The time when you crack your head thinking of the perfect gift for that special someone or someones. What do you give someone who has everything? Or what about that someone who always replies “nothing” when you ask for a hint? Well the answer to both these questions if of course the Gift of Nothing.

Well, we don’t literally mean not to give anything. That would practically be suicidal if that special someone just happens to be your significant other. The Gift of Nothing is exactly what it implies. It is just plain old nothing packed in fancy packaging.

Gift of Nothing

We think that this ironically thoughtful gift makes a great present. It is an excellent way for all of us to take a step back in this era of wasteful consumerism. Do we really need to buy expensive gifts to express our affections and love?

That and the fact that it is a wonderful excuse to skip out of buying expensive gifts this year.
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