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Are you frequently on foot, outdoors and on your own? Do you often feel unsafe and wish you have some kind of protection? Many carry a bottle of mace or pepper spray for protection. However, pepper sprays are often bulky and not really that convenient to carry around. Ladies usually carry theirs in their handbag and thus are not quickly accessible in an emergency. This problem led Little Viper to come up with the Pepper Spray Bracelet. It is a bracelet with a discreetly hidden mini pepper spray that you can instantly access at a moment’s notice.

Looking at the Pepper Spray Bracelet, you wouldn’t guess that it is a personal protection device. With the silicone band it looks more like a sporty fitness tracker. And since it is worn on your wrist, you have both your hands free when you are carrying it on you. Most importantly, it gives you peace of mind.

In the event of an attack, just aim the Pepper Spray Bracelet outlet at the attacker and squeeze both ends of the cannister. The device is effective up to 3 feet away to keep you out of reach of your attacker. The silicone strap is adjustable like a watch strap to fit all wrist sizes.

Since the Pepper Spray Bracelet is so small and indiscreet, there are some drawbacks as well. The pepper spray chamber is really tiny so you will get less than 5 sprays out of it. Fortunately, Little Viper has a little bonus to keep you well protected. Should you have to use the Pepper Spray Bracelet in the event of an attack, you can return the original used unit together with a copy your receipt and an explanation of what happened, Little Viper will send you a replacement free of charge. All you need to pay is postage.

With the Pepper Spray Bracelet you can feel safe again the next time you go for a jog, walk to class on your own or walk the dog. It is even used by ride sharing drivers to keep them safe while ferrying strangers.
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