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The Ring Doorbell is a WiFi connected video doorbell that allows you to view and even talk to your visitor from anywhere through your smartphone. You can be in your bedroom or you can be half a world away on vacation, sipping your piña colada and you can answer your doorbell just as if you are at home.

The Ring Doorbell is not just some glorified tech toy as the ability to be able to answer your doorbell at any time can be a great security feature for your home. While you are able to see and hear your visitors, they can’t see you and they cannot tell if you are actually at home or not. So, with the Ring Doorbell, as far as your visitors are concerned, you are always at home.

As an additional security feature, the Ring Doorbell comes equipped with a motion sensor as well as night vision capability. If someone tries to sneak up your door and even if they did not activate the doorbell, Ring’s camera will automatically start recording and send you an alert via your smartphone. You can then check if it is something that needs your attention or if the neighbor’s cat is trespassing on your lawn again. The next time your neighbor comes around your home again, you can tell her about her annoying cat through the Ring Doorbell.

Installation is easy as Ring provides you with everything that you need to set it up in just minutes. All you need to do is download and install the free iOS or Android app, pair your phone with Ring and then install the Ring Doorbell. The kit comes with the proper screwdriver and even a drill bit and anchors in case you need to mount the device on a concrete or brick wall. If you have an existing electric doorbell, you can reuse the wiring or use the built-in rechargeable battery.

The mounting plate comes with security screws that prevents the doorbell from being stolen. However, if it does go missing, the Ring Doorbell comes with lifetime purchase protection and you will get a free replacement.
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