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Ahhh young Padawan. Strong you are with the Force and almost ready you are for the next level. Pass one last test you need, before a lightsaber you receive. Defeat me you must at Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling.

The secret challenge of the Jedi academy for the Padawans has finally been revealed. It is an ancient and grueling Jedi test that only the very best of the best can overcome. It is what separates the Padawans from the true Jedi Knights. It requires great mastery of the Force … plus a very flexible thumb. It is the Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling.

Cleverly disguised as a spiral-bound book, the Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling provides multiple arenas across the galaxy for epic lightsaber thumb duels. From the sandy desert of Tatooine to the dizzying platform of Cloud City, a total of seven different battling grounds are included in this ancient tome. Two lightsabers are included with each tome. The mini lightsabers are strapped to the thumb using Velcro.

Two versions of the game book are available. The first features scenes from the original trilogy while an updated version includes scenes from all the Star Wars movies including the most recent Episode 7, the Force Awakens. The new version also has the Kylo Ren crossguard lightsaber as one of the dueling lightsabers.

Star Wars fans both young and old will have hours of lightsaber dueling fun with the Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling book. Perfect as a gift. The Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling book gets two thumbs up from us.
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