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Do you remember the days when mail that comes through your mailbox can be something personal that you actually look forward to receiving? Nowadays, the only mail that comes through our mailboxes are junk mail and bills. The Toymail Voice Messaging Toy aims to bring back the joy of receiving personal mail but with a technological twist.

Instead of receiving mail from an actual mailbox, the mail that comes through Toymail is in the form of voice messages. Even preschoolers who can’t read or write will be able to make use of Toymail. The Toymail device itself come in the form of a cute animal that is shaped like a traditional mail box. So you have Buck the Deer Mailman, Fairfax the Fox Mailman and Milksop the Bear Mailman among the many available designs.

Toymail connects to your home network via WiFi to receive and send voice messages. For the adults who wish to interact with Toymail’s  young owners, you will need to install a free app for your iOS or Android device. Each Toymail can receive mail from multiple app users. Toymail is set to only accept voice messages from approved users. Each time the Toymail mailman receives a voice message, the mailman produces a corresponding notification sound, either a snort, whine or growl depending on the mailman. Toymail can be set to deliver the voice message in the sender’s original voice or a digitally tweaked funny voice.

Kids can reply to their messages via the Toymail itself and they too can select to use their normal voice or a funny voice. Voice messages from Toymail are received and played back via the Toymail app.

The Toymail is a fun way for kids to keep in constant contact with grand parents, relatives or even working parents. They can be located across town or half a world away and can still be in close contact.

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