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With the Otentik SunShade, you can spend more time enjoying your day at the beach instead of wasting it setting up your beach tent. This incredibly lightweight beach tent weighs under 6 lbs and only requires a one person setup. Setting up is fast and easy and it requires no stakes. All you need are sandbags as anchors and of course there is plenty of sand at the beach.

The Otentik SunShade is made from the highest quality Italian fabric known as Eurojersey Sensitive Microfibre. This material is light, durable, provides UV protection, wind resistant and sand repellent.

To set up the shade, all you have to do is unroll the tent, fill up the bags with sand, dirt or rocks, stretch out the SunShade and place the included poles. A single person can do this on her own in just minutes. Furthermore, you can easily adjust the poles throughout the day to get the best shade as the sun moves. The rope length can also be adjusted to take up less space on a crowded beach.

Taking down and storing the tent is just as simple. The Eurojeysey material is both sand and water repellent. A quick shake will get rid of most of the sand and water. To thoroughly dry the shade, just spread it open in the sun when you get back and it will dry within minutes. When rolled-up and stored inside its holding bag, the Otentik SunShade is barely larger than a rolled-up beach towel.

The Otentik SunShade is not designed just to be used at the beach. In fact, you can use it just about anywhere from hanging by the river, to hiking up the mountain, chilling out in the snow to playing at the backyard. You can also use stakes with the ropes instead of the bags although no stakes are included. You will have to provide your own.

The Otentik SunShade is available in 3 different sizes and a variety of colors.

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