Unbreakable Umbrella vs Breakable Bones


We have been kinda obsessed with umbrellas lately. Maybe it is because of the rainy weather we have been having lately. We love multi-function gadgets and since we have been carrying our umbrellas with us lately, we started to wonder what else an umbrella can do and we found the Unbreakable Umbrella cum Walking Stick.

It wasn’t the walking stick part that interested us as fortunately we can all still walk unaided (except on beer nights). It is the unbreakable umbrella part. To understand why, you have to watch the video clip below.

Jet Li undoubtedly proves that the Unbreakable Umbrella is mightier than the sword (knives plus a pot of boiling water too). You can also use it to safely jump from the second floor of a building and use the umbrella for a soft landing, it seems. We are still attempting to convince our intern to test this out so we can’t verify that part yet.

The Unbreakable Umbrella is a real self-defense tool. It whacks just as hard as a steel pipe and has reinforced fiberglass ribs. It is a fully working umbrella of course. It is the perfect way to carry around a deadly self-defense weapon without arousing suspicion while having a handy umbrella at the same time.



Where to Buy Unbreakable Umbrella cum Walking Stick


Unbreakable Umbrella cum Walking Stick

The Unbreakable Umbrella has no unusual parts, no more metal than an average umbrella, it does not arouse suspicion, can be carried legally anywhere weapons are prohibited.

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