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Knog Oi: Sounds Like a Bike Bell but Looks Nothing Like One

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Knog! Knog! Who’s there? The Knog Oi bicycle bell that not only looks awesome but sounds likeĀ an angel playing a glockenspiel. Although the humble bicycle bell has been promoting safety for more than a century, it has remained virtually unchanged through the years. While our bikes have become sleeker and sexier, the bike bell still sticks out like an ugly blister on the handle bar. The Knog Oi is the elegant and minimalist answer to the age old problem.

The product of a very successful Kickstarter campaign, the inventors of the Knog Oi bike bell took unbelievable care and effort to design a replacement for the bike bell that not only fits in with a modern bike but made sure that it plays a beautiful tone every time it is struck. To blend in with the handlebar, the Knog Oi has a ring-shaped bell that wraps around the bar itself. It blends in so inconspicuously, most people probably have no idea it is there.

The bell tone is designed to not only be loud and easily heard, it is also designed to last longer. In fact, instead of just a single tone, the Oi bell actually plays a chord that consists of a core tone and a few supportive higher tones.

To mount the Knog Oi, just pull apart the ring and slip it over the handlebar. Then fasten the locking screw with the included tool. The bike bell is available in 2 different sizes, the smaller version that fits 22.2mm bars and the larger version that fits bars of 23.8 up to 31.8 mm.
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Where to Buy Knog Oi Bicycle Bell

Knog Oi is the revolutionary new minimalist bike bell that is designed to blend in with the handlebar instead of sticking out like an ugly blister.

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