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It definitely pays for a cycling enthusiast to be prepared. The last thing you want is to be stuck with a broken chain or a flat tire and without any tools to get your problem fixed. Cyclists have lots of options when it comes to handy toolkits. Since space is a premium, a multi-tool or a compact EDC toolkit is usually the best option. The OneUp Components EDC Toolkit and Bike Pump combo is probably one of the most unique solutions that we have come across.

Like its name suggests this combo kit combines a fairly complete and handy EDC toolkit with a compact bike pump. In fact the OneUp Components kit allows you to store the toolkit in the pump itself. What a great idea! While both components work really well together, they are each sold separately.

The OneUp Components EDC Toolkit comes in a very nice looking storage tube. The storage tube is designed to fit nicely into your fork’s steer tube. So you have a pretty handy place to store it if you are not buying the pump as well. The compact multi-tool itself comes with 6 different hex wrench sizes, 4 different spoke wrenches, a tire lever, a flathead screwdriver and a Quick Link Breaker among others. It should be able to handle most common repair jobs.

Also in the storage tube is a storage compartment that threads into the tube. It can be used to store a patch kit or other small components. Alternatively, you can remove the storage compartment and use the space to store 12, 16, or 20-ounce canister of CO2 for inflating tires.

The OneUp Components EDC Pump is a Presta valve pump. This is a high volume pump that will get your tires inflated with a minimum number of strokes. If you are carrying a CO2 canister, you can use the incorporated CO2 inflator mechanism to get you up and going without breaking a sweat.

The OneUp Components EDC combo kits lets you carry everything that you need in a single slim package. This makes it less likely that you forget to bring it along with you.
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