Many of us like to use our smartphones in our car whether we are supposed to or not. If using a smartphone while driving is dangerous imagine has disastrous it can get while riding a bike. If you have to use your smartphone while cycling, at least do it while your phone is mounted to your bike with the HandleBand Smartphone Bike Mount.

Designed for securely strapping a wide variety of smartphone with or without a case, the HandleBand Smartphone Bike Mount has a simple but secure mounting mechanism. It is easy to position, mount and remove the HandleBand mount. The flexible strap system mounts it on any sized handle bars. In fact it is not limited to just bike bars. You can just as easily mount it on a jogging stroller or a shopping cart.

You have full access to your smartphone’s functionality such as viewing maps, controlling your music app, view your stats on your training app or use the video camera. You can even use your phone as a night light while cycling at night. And as strange as it may seem, the HandleBand Smartphone Bike Mount even functions as a bottle opener. Which cyclist doesn’t need a bottle opener, right?



Where to Buy HandleBand Smartphone Bike Mount


HandleBand Smartphone Bike Mount

The HandleBand Smartphone Bike Mount is a universal mount that provides a secure attachment and access to almost any phone on almost any sized handle bar.

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