Ninja Blocks is not a new Lego playset but it does have some similarities with Lego in a way. Ninja Blocks are tiny internet enabled computers that is able to receive feedback and input from the environment via a range of sensors. The Ninja Blocks can then be programmed to control the surroundings via light controllers, power sockets and other actuators.

The Ninja Blocks are a really open system both hardware and software. It provides all the necessary tools and resources required to create a variety of projects using the Ninja Blocks system. Using the Ninja Rules App, it is possible to create fairly complex applications that do a wide range of actions using simple rules such as

  • turning all the lights and appliances off when you leave your home
  • send your phone a text message or an alert when your washing is done
  • create a home alarm system using door sensor and motion sensors
  • turn on the room lights and the air conditioning when you enter the room

All of the above can be done with the Rules App without writing a single line of code.

If you are more technically inclined, the developers of the Ninja Blocks encourage you to hack the hardware. There is even a little tab on the NinJa Block that says “Hack Me”. Pulling at the tab opens the unit up and you can access the hardware directly.

Included with the Ninja Blocks starter kit are

  • 1 Ninja Block
  • 4 different sensors
  • 1 USB WiFi module

Additional modules and Ninja Blocks can be purchased to create more complex systems.

Via Ninja Blocks