The internet of things is widely believed to be the next big thing. Prepare for smart and internet connected devices to invade your home. Smart power sockets are not entirely new but the D-Link Wireless Smart Plug is one of D-Link’s new smart products in their home automation product line.

The D-Link Wireless Smart Plug works but attaching it to any existing mains outlet. It’s built-in WiFi can then be configured to connect to your home WiFi network. Once connected you can control or set up a schedule for the smart plug using a free downloadable app for both iOS and Android devices. You can connect to the plug from anywhere and at anytime.

Through the scheduling feature, you can have a connected lamp or TV turn on and off at appropriate times to simulate an occupied home when you are away. You can also have lights and heating to turn on just before you reach home so that it won’t be dark and cold when you reach home. With the D-Link Wireless Smart Plug, you can turn just about any electrical device at home into a smart device.

Besides letting you monitor and control connected devices, the D-Link Wireless Smart Plug has a couple of additional features. Firstly, it has a safety feature that turns off the power when the plug heats up. If you plugged in an iron and forgot to switch it off, the Smart Plug will turn it off for you. Secondly, the Smart Plug keeps track of power consumption. This gives you a better idea of which devices in your home are driving up your electricity bill.



Where to Buy D-Link Wireless Smart Plug


D-Link Wireless Smart Plug

The D-Link Wireless Smart Plug turns your home electrical appliances into internet connected smart devices. Monitor and control from anywhere and anytime.

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