Are you old enough to remember mix tapes? If you do, you can relive the good old days before MP3 players and digital music or share it with someone you love. Make your very own digital age mix tape in the form of a Cassette USB Flash Drive and share the love of music.

Bring back memories of the good old days and add a taste of nostalgia by handing out the Cassette USB Flash Drive to friends and family during birthdays, anniversaries or even Christmas. Just filled up the 4GB of storage space with music of your choice or you can even create a modern version of the mix tape which includes photos and videos. The drive is compatible with Avery 5068 labels so that you can complete that perfect mix tape look. A soft plastic cassette case is included.



Where to Buy Cassette USB Flash Drive


Cassette USB Flash Drive

Load the Cassette USB Flash Drive up with hundreds of songs from your music library, make mix tapes of your own music for your friends and loved ones.

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