The Clock That Runs From You


Having trouble waking up in the morning? Would an alarm clock that play your favorite tunes help? No? What if the alarm clock rolls off your nightstand and runs all over your room and you have to hunt it down to shut it off? That’s what the Tocky Runaway alarm clock with MP3 does.

If you think playing your favorite tunes won’ t help, you can ask your mom to record her favorite wake-up messages with the built-in microphone. Still not good enough? Get your boss to record a nice message telling you that you can kiss your job goodbye if you don’t get up that very instant.

While the Tocky Runaway alarm clock is playing your favorite tune or your wake-up message, it will also be randomly rolling around your bedroom floor and the only way to shut it up is to get up and look for it. If both these methods working in unison doesn’t wake you up, nothing short of a whole bucket of water dumped on you would work.

It has a snooze button as well but if you are already up looking for it, you might as well wake up instead of going through the whole alarm clock hunt again.

The Tocky Runaway alarm clock runs on 3 AAA batteries and it has a USB connector to connect to your computer to transfer your MP3 music files. It is available in White, Black, Aqua Blue, Orange and Kiwi Green.


Where to Buy Tocky Runaway Alarm Clock


Tocky Runaway Alarm Clock

The Tocky touch alarm clock plays mp3s or recorded voice as it rolls away to get you out of bed.

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