The smart phone is the most important communication tool for most of us but it is only useful as long as there is cellular coverage. When you are off the grid and off the beaten track, mobile phone coverage can get spotty. The ability to communicate can be a matter of life and death. That is why the DeLorme inReach Two-Way Satellite Communicator for Smartphones is such an important gadget.

The inReach Two-Way Satellite Communicator uses the Iridium satellite network. This means that there is no gaps in the coverage. The inReach communicator will work as long as there is direct line of sight to open sky. Secondly, the inReach is a two-way communicator. Unlike one-way satelite communicators, the inReach can send out messages and tracking points, and receive confirmation of message delivery. The communicator can be configured to automatically send GPS tracking signals and pre-composed text messages based on current location.

For example, you can set it to send a tracking location by email and Facebook message when you start tracking. It can also periodically update its current location. Finally, when you have arrived at your destination, another message can be sent notifying the receiver that you have safely reached your destination.

More importantly, you can pair the inReach Two-Way Satellite Communicator with an iOS or Android device to send and receive text messages from anywhere in the world. This is a critical feature to have during an emergency. Being able to compose and send text messages means that you can describe the nature and location of your distress in detail, so the proper resources can be deployed.


Where to Buy DeLorme inReach Two-Way Satellite Communicator for Smartphones


DeLorme inReach Two-Way Satellite Communicator for Smartphones

inReach Two-Way Satellite Communicator is an award-winning two way satellite communicator which can be used by itself for 2-way personal and SOS communication with message delivery confirmation, and remote GPS position tracking.

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