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As we rely more and more on our smartphones every day, we find it harder and harder for our phone battery to last an entire day (we are looking at you, Pokemon Go). Many are resorting to adding a power bank to their EDC (Everyday Carry) kit. Most of us don’t think much of that ugly block that is our power bank. For something that we carry whenever we go out, you would have thought that power bank makers would come up with better looking designs. Well, thank the stars that they have cause the NuAns TagPlate is the nicest looking power bank we have ever seen.

The NuAns TagPlate is a Japanese designed power bank and a winner of the Japanese Good Design Award in 2015. Its design is a perfect example of Japanese Zen minimalism. The power bank measures 2.6 x 6.1 x 0.6 inches and it is encased in a fabric felt material. The size makes it ideal to carry both power bank and phone in the palm of your hand when paired with the iPhone 6 or 6s.

The felt cover adds a little color plus a softer touch that is a contrast to hard plastic or metal on other power banks. The felt also provides a better grip to the user.

For those of you who keep losing your charging cable, you will be happy to know that the NuAns TagPlate comes with a built-in Lightning cable. When not in use, the cable can be tucked into the power bank itself forming a little loop. It gives the NuAns TagPlate an appearance of a big tag. The other advantage of not needing to carry a separate cable is that you don’t have to worry about cables that somehow manage to get themselves all tangled up.

Inside the NuAns TagPlate is a 6000mAh rechargeable battery. That should be enough power to fully juice of your iPhone battery about 2 to 2.5 times, depending on the model.

The NuAns TagPlate is available in 4 different fabric colors plus the power bank itself is available in either black or white. If you want to carry around a nicer looking block of plastic and metal, the NuAns TagPlate is it. Now, if only they can do something about that strange sounding name.
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