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Clothes dryers are huge appliances that take up tons of space and consume huge amounts of energy. Morus Zero on the other hand, is a revolutionary dryer that is compact and fits on your kitchen countertop. It also uses up to 40% less energy compared to a conventional dryer.

So what hocus pocus magic does the Morus Zero make use of? No magic. Just pure science. The science of vacuum actually. No, the dryer does not suck out the water from your clothes. Rather, it reduces the pressure in the drying chamber thus creating a partial vacuum. Under low pressure, the boiling point of water reduces significantly. That means less heat and energy is required to evaporate the water moisture from the clothes.

This results in ultra-fast drying time of up to just 15 minutes. Less energy is required. Last but not least, the lower drying temperature also means less damage and shrinkage of clothes due to high heat.

Other features of the Morus Zero include a moisture sensor. The sensor automatically power off the dryer once drying is complete. Furthermore, it has built-in UV sterilization to kill 99.9% of bacteria. This results in clothes that are truly clean.

Not only is this compact dryer touted to do an amazing job of drying your clothes, its size makes it a perfect appliance for places where space is a luxury. This includes tiny apartments and campers. You can even bring it with you while traveling. It makes a perfect travel companion for the Scrubba wash bag or the ultrasonic washer.

So how do you get your hands on the Morus Zero? Unfortunately, you can’t. Yet. The company, Morus Tech, had a very successful Kickstarter project that raised over half a million dollars. However, the product is still under development but you can place a pre-order on their website below.
Buy from Morus Tech