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Doing laundry while traveling often result in terrible experiences. Unless you don’t mind paying exorbitant charges for the hotel’s laundry services, doing laundry usually means a messy experience using the bathroom sink. However, if you are not careful, you may end up with clothes that are not rinsed properly and causing you skin irritation. The Mini Ultrasonic Washing Machine is a brand new device that is targeted at the traveler that not only solves all your travel laundry needs but is good for the environment as well.

The Mini Ultrasonic Washing Machine looks a bit like a bar of soap (or a computer mouse) but the way it works is totally different. Instead of using friction from hand scrubbing to do the cleaning, this portable washing machine uses ultrasonic waves. The way it cleans is similar to the ultrasonic cleaners used by jewelers and dentists.

The device produces high-frequency soundwaves that create millions of tiny bubbles in the liquid. When these tiny bubbles implode, they drive detergent and water through the clothing fabric to clean them thoroughly. No vigorous scrubbing is necessary.

To use the Mini Ultrasonic Washing Machine, all you have to do is fill up a sink or a container with water and washing detergent, soak your clothes and then drop the gadget inside the water and plug it in a nearby socket. It is waterproof and runs on both 100/230V power so it can be used worldwide. Since there is no scrubbing, it is gentle on your clothes and will not damage them.

It takes roughly about 30 minutes to clean a single person’s set of clothes but it is more suitable for washing lighter garments and not really recommended for heavier items. So unfortunately, you won’t be able to replace your washing machine with the Mini Ultrasonic Washing Machine but we do hope one day the technology will be scaled up to do so.

Although the Mini Ultrasonic Washing Machine is designed for washing clothes, you can use it for other simple washing such as cleaning fruits, vegetables and even your dishes. Also as we mentioned previously, ultrasonic cleaners are ideal for cleaning your pieces of jewelry and watches too. Best of all, it costs less than most hotels’ laundry service.

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