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The Moon LED Night Light is like having your very own private moon that shines only for you in your bedroom. Yes, you can take the moon home with you, ready to shine for you day and night. It is also the perfect night light for the young ones.

Made using silicone 3D printing technology, the surface of the Moon LED Night Light is textured with craters, just like the real thing. The different thickness across the surface of the moon creates lighter and darker light patches. This gives a fairly good simulation of how the moon looks like to us. You can either place it on a table and hang it from somewhere.

The Moon LED Night Light is lighted by a single LED bulb and has a luminous power of 110 lm. This particular model gives out a warm white light. It is powered by a built-in rechargeable 1500 mAh battery that should last about a couple of weeks depending on usage. To recharge, just plug a USB cable into the moon lamp’s USB port. An indicator LED will turn blue when the battery is fully charged. The lamp itself is about 4 inches in diameter.

The 3D Printing Moon LED makes a wonderful gift and decor for someone who is interested in space and astronomy or just someone who appreciates the beauty of moonlight. The lamp is currently on sale at GearBest.

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