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We admit that we might be stretching the truth a little with the doubling the storage space part. Okay, maybe we are stretching it a whole lot. But with the tiny refrigerator that we have in our tiny apartment, any extra storage space that we can get is heaven sent. The space saving Refrigerator Sliding Drawer may not create that much extra space but it sure made our fridge so much more well organized.

The Refrigerator Sliding Drawer is a simple device. It is just a simple plastic container with a couple of clip-on arms that fit over the edge of your refrigerator shelf. It lets you make use of the wasted space right under the shelf. The storage bin is just 6.5 x 6.2 x 2.6 inches but it is big enough to store small items such as small sized fruits and vegetables, cheese slices and small snack packs. While we do wish that it was larger but then we realized that it wouldn’t be practical it would either be too heavy or it will eat too much into the storage space of the shelf below.

The Refrigerator Sliding Drawer is made from 100% BPA free plastic. The bottom of the container has 5 holes to add ventilation. Kindly take note the holding arms will only fit shelves that are less than half an inch thick. Thicker shelves will cause the arms to angle up.

Although each space only has a small storage space, we now have half a dozen of these Refrigerator Sliding Drawers in the fridge and they are great for keeping it better organized. We may not be having that much extra storage space in the fridge but the time saved from not needing to rummage through the entire refrigerator whenever one of the kids has a snack attack is priceless.

Sorbus Fridge Wine RackIf you like this handy space maximizing gadget, you may also like the Sorbus Fridge Wine Rack which is a similar gadget but used for storing wine bottles horizontally in your fridge.

The refrigerator wine rack also makes use of the dead space under shelves plus it ensures the cork does not dry out.

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