A Futuristic Take on a Classic Accessory


Remember the first time you saw a Newton’s Cradle as a kid? I must have spent hours with it but I didn’t learn about Newton’s laws of physics and the transfer of energy until later. The Newton’s Cradle has now been given a futuristic twist. The Kinetic Light Newton’s Cradle features lighted up glass spheres that visually show the transfer of energy from one glass sphere to another.

Kinetic Light Newtons Cradle

The Kinetic Light Newton’s Cradle has three different lighting modes – flash, fade and color cycle, each one one them equally mesmerizing and brings back memories of the first time you played with a Newton’s Cradle. The glass spheres have embedded LED lights in them that are powered by 6 1.5V AA batteries.

Who would have thought physics could be this much fun?



Where to Buy Kinetic Light Newton’s Cradle


Kinetic Light Newton’s Cradle

It’s the single most addicting way to demonstrate Newton’s law of conservation of momentum and energy.

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