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The phone stand is a nice to have accessory. Personally, I like to keep one on the night stand as I use my phone as my alarm clock and it is nice to be able to take a glance at the clock in the middle of the night without groping blindly for the phone in the dark. The biggest problem that I have is that I have changed a quite a few of phone stands in the past few years because the older one couldn’t fit when I upgraded my phone. Once it was because the phone got too big.  Once it was because the charging port got blocked. Once it was because the stand couldn’t fit the new case I got for my phone. It would be great if “universal” phone stands were truly universal.

The Milo Micro-Suction Universal Phone Stand is one of those universal phone stand that is much closer to its claim of being a universal stand than many other competing products. The reason why it is able to make this claim is because it uses a special micro suction surface to attach to the back of the phone. As long as your phone or its phone case has a relatively flat surface, it should be able to mount on the stand.

Milo Micro-Suction Universal Phone Stand

Since the Milo Micro-Suction Universal Phone Stand does not use any supporting structure at the bottom and at the sides, there is nothing blocking the buttons and the ports on the phone. You can mount your phone both vertically and horizontally and be assured the charging port is unobstructed and all buttons are still accessible.

The stand is tilted upwards slightly which makes it ideal for hands free movie watching or video conferencing.
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