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The Tempo Drop Weather Forecasting Storm Glass is way cooler and probably a far more accurate weather forecasting device than your local weatherman. Come to think of it, we can’t think of anything that predicts the weather and is less cool than the local weatherman. Not unless your local weather-person happens to Halle Berry dressed up as Storm. That would be rather cool cause she could ..umm.. make sure that her forecasts are correct. Although that could probably mean thunderstorm and lightning the whole year round. Sorry for digressing.

Actually, the Tempo Drop Weather Forecasting Storm Glass looks like something people used before they had weathermen. It would blend in nicely with some medieval wizard’s alchemy tools. Merlin probably used one of these for advising King Arthur on good days for having one of the meetings for the Knights of the Round Table. You know, since men in iron armor and rain water probably don’t go very well together. Sorry for digressing again.

The Tempo Drop Weather Forecasting Storm Glass is actually a modern and classier version of the storm glass. It is a sealed glass filled with water and some mumbo jumbo chemical compounds. Depending on how the chemical compound looks, you can predict the weather of the day. For example, if the solution is clear, it means a bright and shiny day. A cloudy glass with small stars means a thunderstorm. Large flakes in the solution indicates snowy weather. Watch the video below and be mesmerized by the crystal formations. You might even be hoping for rain or snow just so that you can watch the crystal grow in your storm glass.

How accurate is this thing? Well, in the 19th century, the British Crown distributed storm glasses to the local fishing community so that they could consult the instrument before leaving port. If it is good enough for the fishermen, it is good enough for us, in our opinion.

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