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We have just updated this post with the latest version of the inCharge cable, called the inCharge 6. You can still read our original article below this post. The original cable was a great product but the new version just totally blows it out of the water.

The 6 in the moniker refers to the 6-in-1 capabilities of the new inCharge 6. That’s right. Instead of having to select which cable you need for your device, the new cable can perform the function of 6 different cables. Specifically:

  • USB to USB-C
  • USB to Lightning
  • USB to MicroUSB
  • USB-C to USB-C
  • USB-C to Lightning
  • USB -C to MicroUSB

That should cover every charging and data cable that you need, save for those that require a special connector. Imagine replacing all the different cables that you are currently carrying with just one that fits on your keychain. However, do take note that when it comes to larger devices like laptops and tablets, charging compatibility may not be assured.

The improvements to the new cable doesn’t just stop there although most of us are already pulling out our wallets at this point. The cable also supports power transfer from one phone to another phone or device. This means you can use your phone’s battery to charge your earbuds or smart watch for example. It also means you can steal power from your mate’s phone to charge your own phone.

InCharge 6

We also like the fact that the cable is stiff enough to hold up a phone while charging off a wall socket. To be honest, we haven’t dared charging from a socket that is a few feet off the ground. But that is because we are afraid that someone may knock the phone off the perch.

With all the additional features, it is quite amazing that the inCharge 6 remains about the same size. That means it is still as portable making it an essential add-on to your Everyday Carry (EDC).

The inCharge 6 is still pretty new as they just completed their crowdfunding not too long ago. At this moment, you can only place an order from their Indiegogo page. So if you are interested in getting one (who isn’t), just hit the Indiegogo buttons on this page. The other buttons lead to their older versions.

Our Original inCharge Article:

Every one of us has been caught one time or another with a smartphone that has a dead battery. As smartphones get more advanced and more power hungry, this probably happens on a more frequent basis nowadays. One way to solve this problem is to carry a power bank with you at all times for emergencies but power banks are heavy and cumbersome. Another way is to just bring along a charging cable like the inCharge with you.

While not as convenient as a power bank, a charging cable allows you to do a quick battery top up on your smartphone whenever and wherever there is a USB port available. Thankfully, USB charging ports are more ubiquitous nowadays. You can find them at many public places like restaurants, waiting rooms and lounges. Most cars have it and many airlines have included one even on coach.

How do you make sure that you carry a charging cable with you at all times? Hook it to your keychain, according to inCharge. The inCharge is the smallest keyring cable in the world. It has a magnetic clasp that clips over your keyring thus ensuring that it stays with you at all times.

The inCharge is available with both Lightning and microUSB connectors which should cover just about any smartphone out there.

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