Throw out all your USB data and charging cables. Here comes the Micro USB EL Glow Data and Charge Cable that is infinitely more useful and looks amazingly cool too. This micro USB cable uses Electroluminescent (EL) technology that allows you to literally see electrical current as it charges your phone or tablet. The cable glows as current flows through it.

If you had ever tried looking for your charging cable at night, you will know how useful a glowing cable is. Even more amazing, you can tell the charge level of the battery by just looking at the cable itself. If the current flow speed is fast, that means that battery level is less than 65%. If it is moving slowly, that means that the battery level is between 65 – 99%. When the phone is fully charged, the glow turns off and the cable shuts off the source power thus preventing vampire drain and damage to the battery through over charging.

The Micro USB EL Glow Data and Charge Cable supports all devices that uses a micro USB port for charging. It is available in 10 different color combinations.


Where to Buy Micro USB EL Glow Data and Charge Cable


Micro USB EL Glow Data and Charge Cable

EL stands for Electroluminescent Light, which runs through the entire length of this cable as it charges your device. Our EL glow charging cables are efficient and stylish, this is one charging cable that will light up your home, car, or office.

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