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For many years, every time I stare at my wallet’s contents, I can’t help but think, “Wouldn’t it be great if all my cards can be replaced by just one card?” I love my slim wallet and the fact that I’ve gotten rid of most of the junk in my wallet that I’ve been carrying around for years but I never needed. However, due to the credit cards, ID cards, loyalty cards, membership cards, discount cards and bank cards that I own, my wallet is not as slim as I would like it to be. Unfortunately there are still vendors and establishment who still insist on a physical card in order to enjoy owner privileges.

Well, the day that all I need to carry around with me is a single card plus a couple of bills is almost here. Introducing Plastc Card, the one card to rule them all. The Plastc Card (no, there is no typo, it is spelled that way) is the size of a standard credit card but has an e-ink touchscreen that lets you convert the card from one card to another. So in other words the Plastc Card can change from a credit card to a bank card to a gift card with just a swipe of the touchscreen.

What is even more amazing, the Plastc Card has full support for magnetic stripe, barcode, chip and PIN and NFC contactless readers. It will work at any establishment or with any transaction that requires an actual physical card for verification, something that current e-wallet solutions like Apple Pay cannot do. This is especially useful when you are travelling as there are still many countries in the world that requires a physical card for transactions.

The Plastc Card also has additional security features that your current cards do not have. It can be locked with a PIN that needs to be entered on the touch screen whenever you use it. It can be linked to your smart phone via Bluetooth and alert you if your card is out of range when you accidentally leave it behind at a store for example. As a final measure, you can remotely wipe out the content of your card if it gets lost or stolen.

The accompanying app can be used to store additional cards beyond the 20 that can be saved into the Plastc Card. Just swap cards in and out of memory via Bluetooth. The app can also be used to keep track of your spending.

The only con with the Plastc Card is that it requires charging. However, you can easily charging by placing it on a wireless contact charger and a full charge will last 30 days which is not such a big deal.

The Plastc Card is not available for sale yet at the moment but you can place a pre-order for it. It is expected to be ready for shipping in Summer 2015.
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