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iPhones are well known for their awesome cameras and the iPhone X has one of the best if not the best phone camera. There isn’t a lot that you can’t do with the camera on the iPhone X. However, although the iPhone X comes with 2 camera lenses on the back, you still can’t swap around lenses like you can with a DSLR camera. That is why there is a whole market for add-on lenses and olloclip is a well known brand for such add-on lenses. Recently, they released the new olloclip Mobile Photography Box Set that is specially designed for the iPhone X.

The olloclip Mobile Photography Box Set does not come cheap at $100. However you do get 2 very high quality premium multi-element coated glass lenses that are a great match for the iPhone X. After all, you wouldn’t want to pair the great camera on the iPhone X with low quality plastic lenses. The lenses provides the 3 following functions: a fisheye lens that takes unique 180-degree spherical shots, a Super-Wide lens with over 120-degree field of view and last but not least, a Macro 15x magnification lens for the ultimate close-up shots. The fisheye and macro lenses are combined on a single lens.

The set also comes with a simple foldable stand that allows you to prop up your iPhone for steadier shots. Interestingly, the stand also doubles up as a carrying device for the olloclip itself. The stand has a carabiner clip for attaching to a belt loop or bag strap. As the accessory is quite bulky, you probably wouldn’t want to leave it on the phone unless you need it. So the idea of the stand cum storage clip is a good idea.

One of the best features of the olloclip Mobile Photography Box Set is the patented system that allows the olloclip to be used with any of the 3 camera lenses on the iPhone X. Yes, it even works with the selfie camera. The lenses do add quite a bit of functionality to the iPhone camera. The macro lens for example is really macro and lets you get really, really close to the subject. It turns your iPhone into almost a microscope.

There is one problem you have to consider when using the olloclip Mobile Photography Box Set. If you are currently using a phone case, you will probably need to remove it before you can use the olloclip. There is a solution though but it requires replacing your case with the olloclip Slim Case which is sold separately.
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