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Seyvr Wallet – Your Phone’s Power Savior

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We have previously featured a lady’s purse that comes with a built-in power bank for charging cell phones. If the guys are feeling a little left out, fret no more because the Seyvr Wallet is here to come to your power needs. Like the Mighty Purse, the Seyvr Wallet has a built-in power bank that can be used for charging your USB powered devices including your smart phone. However, because of its smaller size, incorporating a power bank into a wallet is a much bigger challenge. After all, none of us want to carry around a really flat wallet all the time.

The Seyvr Wallet is a three-fold high quality reinforced premium leather wallet that has a built-in 1400 mAh Li-Polymer battery that comes complete with its own micro USB cable (for Android) or Lightning (for iPhones) connector. The battery capacity may not be very high but it should be good enough to charge your phone battery at least 50%. We believe it is a necessary compromise between battery size and wallet thickness.

Besides the battery, the Seyvr Wallet also has compartments to store up to 6 cards plus a money clip to hold your cash and receipts. Besides your phone, your wallet is probably the other personal object that you have with you most of the time. Therefore it makes perfect sense to have your wallet serve as an emergency charger for your phone.

The Seyvr Wallet is designed and produced by Unikia, a Norwegian product development company.

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The Seyvr Wallet is a slim and effective wallet with a built in 1400mAh Li-Po battery that can charge your phone anytime you need it.

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