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Internet of Things (IoT) is the new buzzword for ordinary everyday objects with network connectivity creating smart devices that can send and receive data. Have an idea for a smart device? With the MESH Wireless Tags, you no longer have to wait for someone to make your idea a reality. You can combine MESH Tags with all kinds of objects to create your very own smart device that you can program and control using your smartphone.

The closest thing that we can think of that is similar to the MESH Wireless Tags is the smart plug. By connecting ordinary appliances to a smart plug, you can control them via the internet using your phone or tablet. MESH takes the same concept and put it on steroids. The platform consists of 4 different types of Tags and a graphical UI app for programing your invention known as the Canvas App.

The Starter Kit has 4 different Tags – a wireless button, an LED light, an accelerometer and GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output). The Tags communicate wirelessly using Bluetooth. The GPIO Tag has both digital and analog input/output allowing it to communicate with other sensors or actuators. For example, it can be used to drive a motor or connect to a light sensor.

Other available Tags that can be purchased separately include a wireless motion detector, a temperature and humidity sensor and light sensor. With more Tags you can create really complex devices like a smart home or smart security system, for example.

Some of the sample applications given include sending a text message to a loved one when you reach home, switching on the closet light when you open the door, automatically watering your indoor plant according to a schedule, set a reminder to bring your umbrella when rain is forecasted or even create a custom alarm clock that requires you to lift some weights before the alarm turns off.

While the Tags turn your ordinary household objects smart, the Canvas App is where the magic happens. It uses a simple building block-like UI for connecting the Tags together. You can create most of the examples below in just a few short minutes using the easy to understand interface.

On the other hand, advanced users are given the freedom to come up with really complex applications that has software logics, interface with internet services like weather or mail, access to the smartphone or tablet’s functions like the camera and speaker, and connect to external devices like a network connected camera.

With MESH, anyone can become a smart device inventor. Got an idea for the next IoT sensation? Create it with MESH!
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