Urban dwellers spend most of their time indoors. For adults, this is usually at home and at the office. For young children, indoors usually mean at home. Since we spend so much time indoors, how do we know if the air quality at home is good and thus creating a healthy environment for our family? We can buy and install air filters and purifiers but how do we know if they work as advertised? The Netatmo Weather Station will tell you.

The Netatmo Weather Station is a wireless internet connected device with many sensors that help you monitor among other things, the air quality in your home. The data can be accessed from anywhere using an internet connected iOS or Android smart phone or tablet; or from a computer. You get real-time notifications and also records of historical graphs.


To track the air quality in your home, the Netatmo Weather Station has sensors for measuring CO2 concentration and it automatically reminds you to ventilate at the right moment. It also connects to the internet to get the latest updates on the local Air Quality Index report so that you know if it is a good idea to spend more time outdoors.

As its name suggests, the Netatmo Weather Station is much more than just an air quality monitor. It has a wide range of other sensors such as temperature sensor, humidity sensor, barometric pressure sensor and noise pollution sensor. There are separate indoor and outdoor sensors so that you can keep track of the weather conditions outdoors as well.

Please note that the outdoor is not water proof so you need to place it in a sheltered location so that it doesn’t get damaged by rain. The outdoor unit also needs to be within range of your WiFi router and is powered by 4 AAA batteries that are included in the box. The indoor unit can either be powered by USB or AA batteries (not included).

Where to Buy Netatmo Weather Station

Netatmo Weather Station

The Netatmo Urban Weather Station.The First Personal Weather Station for iPhone and Android with Air Quality measurements, to monitor and track your environment.

Discover what the Netatmo Weather Station can do for you. The Netatmo Weather Station contains a unique set of sensors to monitor your living environment (temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, CO2 concentration, noise pollution… ).

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Netatmo Weather Station

  • Made for iPhone and Android Weather Station: access to its sensors from anywhere, at any time.
  • Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure, indoor CO2 concentration and Sound Meter
  • Real time Notifications & Graphs for data history (record frequency: every 5 min.)
  • Connect multiple Stations to your smartphone and multiple smartphone to a Station.
  • Lifetime free personal account for your data.

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