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MegaPongo – Start a Beer Pong Game in Minutes

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Beer Pong is the ultimate beer drinking game that has spread from the campus to the entire country. Beer Pong is even played outside the country and can be considered an international phenomenon. Not bad for a game that was probably invented by a bunch of drunken college boys. Well if you are a fan of the game (who isn’t?), you can now set up your very own beer pong games within minutes with the MegaPongo Beer Pong Tailgating Game.

The MegaPongo Beer Pong Tailgating Game comes with everything that you need to set up an instant game of Beer Pong, except for the beer. It comes with 2 sets of beer holders, backboards that you can customize with decals and team decorations, 40 target cups, 2 collection cups and 12 ping pong balls.

MegaPongo supports the traditional Beer Pong game plus many of the gameplay variations including Around the World, Ring of Fire and Chaos. The cup holder, backboard and ball collection system makes beer pong less messy and less time spent on picking up balls. Which leaves more time for drinking.

After you are done, just wipe off the parts or hose them down before leaving them out to dry. The entire set rolls up into a convenient package that is no bigger than a case of beer.

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MegaPongo Beer Pong Tailgating Game is all you need to play beer pong (except the beer) in a convenient package.

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