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Four wheel roller skates are so passe. Inline skates are too difficult to balance on. Why not try the Cardiff 3-Wheel Skates for the best of both worlds?

The Cardiff Skate Company took a long hard look at what makes skating fun and easy to come up with the Cardiff 3-Wheel Skates. First of all, it looks like a pair of inline skates with trainer wheels or roller skates with its wheels rearranged. Secondly, it looks like the 3-Wheel Skates are a misnomer as each skate actually has 4 wheels. But a closer look reveals that the rear wheel is actually the brake. Instead of buying replacement brakes like on normal skates, you just rotate your worn out wheels to the rear to be used as the brake instead and thus saving you on accessories.

The 3-wheel configuration gives the skates stability while giving more maneuverability compared to roller skates. Think of them as tiny foot sized scooters. The skates are adjustable in length to fit almost any feet size although they do come in 2 different sizes to fit children right up to adults. If you are buying these for your kids, rest assured that you won’t be replacing them within a short period because they have outgrown them.

Putting on the Cardiff 3-Wheel Skates is a piece of cake. You can even do it while standing up (although you may probably want to sit down when doing it for the first couple of times). It has a bootless design which means you will be wearing your own pair of shoes. Just step down on the skate and it will automatically snap into place creating the perfect fit every time.

This makes the Cardiff 3-Wheel Skates an feasible alternative transportation method. Just slip them on when you need to move fast between places and remove them when you get there.

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