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We have featured many multitools on GetdatGadget. While many do come with a flashlight of some kind, not many come in a flashlight form factor. In fact the only one that comes to mind is the VSSL Supplies. The MecArmy X7S also comes in the form of a shiny metallic tube but that is where the similarity ends. Unlike the VSSL Supplies which is the size of a full size flashlight, the MecArmy X7S is much more compact and is about the size of a marker pen. This makes it an ideal candidate to be included as part of your EDC gear.

The name MecArmy is new to us but judging from the high quality of the X7S, the brand will most likely stay on. The kit itself comes as 3 separate cylindrical parts out of the box. The first is the CREE XP-G2 LED powered flashlight that provides a max output up to 130 lumens. In the age of high powered LED flashlights, that is not very bright but it should be good enough for lighting up the environment in most situations.

The flashlight is powered by a Li-ion rechargeable battery that will last roughly 30 minutes at maximum brightness. Turn down the brightness to 8 lumens and it is good enough for 6 hours of continuous use. The battery is recharged via USB and to access the charging port, just unscrew the head of the headlight. To prevent you from losing the flashlight head, it won’t unscrew completely which is a well thought design.

The next component is the lighter. It is tiny but it works just like a Zippo. Just thumb the wheel and you get a flame. This component comes apart as well to reveal liquid fuel storage area. Fuel gets soaked up the material which travels up the wick. The lighter unit also has an end that looks like an oversized pen cap. You can use it to clip it to your shirt and it also acts as a flame snuffer for the lighter.

The last part of the MecArmy X7S EDC kit are the storage pods, two small and the other larger. These are stainless steel watertight capsules that can be used to store small items like medication or rolled up cash.

To use the MecArmy X7S, you can either carry each item individually by hooking them up to a keychain or storing in a bag. Alternatively, you can combine the 3 items in any combination by screwing them together. For example, you can combine the flashlight with the lighter, or the lighter with the storage pod. You can even combine all 3 items together, it is all to you.

The MecArmy X7S modular pods offer a lot of versatility which makes them really fun to use and customize. The flashlight and lighter make a great addition to any EDC kit and for once, there is no bottle opener in sight although you probably won’t miss it as you already have at least a dozen of those.
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