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A pocket knife, a mini flashlight, a USB flash drive and keys are probably some of the most common things that many people carry as part of their Everyday Carry (EDC) kit. The trick to a great EDC kit is to carry as many items that you may possibly need in the course of a day while taking up as little space and weight as possible. The Keyport Pivot lets you carry all of the above in a single Swiss Army like tool take takes up minimal space and weighs very little.

If the name Keyport sounds familiar to you, you may have heard of the Keyport Slide, the rather awesome key holder with slide out keys. It too had optional modular tools that can be added to the key holder. As awesome as it was, the Keyport Slide has one big issue. It requires special blank keys that are designed to fit into the Keyport Slide compact case.

The Keyport Pivot solves this problem by allowing you to insert standard sized keys. Instead of sliding out the keys, you flip them out instead like flipping out the tool inserts on a Swiss Army knife. Not as cool we admit but the fact that we no longer need to buy special key blanks more than make up for it. It also means that you can now easily swap keys in and out as and when you like.

The standard Keyport Pivot can hold 4 to 9 keys depending on the key thickness. Furthermore, there are optional modules that can be added such as a pocket knife, a mini flashlight and a BLE tracker. The last one is a Bluetooth tracker module that pairs with your smartphone. It alerts you should you accidentally leave your keys behind and lets you find your lost Keyport using your smartphone.

There is an additional bonus free 2 year subscription to the Keyport ID lost and found service. Engraved on the Keyport Pivot is a special unique serial number that lets anyone that finds a lost Keyport to connect to the owner anonymously and return the key. The finder will get a small reward as well as an encouragement.
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