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360 Degree Rotating Power Outlet

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Don’t you hate it when bulky power adapters or voltage transformers that block up other power outlets on the wall plate causing unnecessary wastage of a perfectly good power outlet? Usually, the solution to this problem requires the use of an extension cord. But what if you can just rotate the orientation of the power outlet and thus moving the adapter out of the way and freeing up the other outlet? The ingeniously designed¬†360 Degree Rotating Power Outlet lets you do precisely just that.

It is a wonder why all our current wall plate with multiple sockets are not designed this way. It is just so convenient to just rotate the outlet to the best orientation to optimize the space between the sockets.

It takes just minutes to install the 360 Degree Rotating Power Outlet. Just remove the existing wall plate, connect the ground wire to the rotating power outlet plate and snap on the existing box. There are no screws required to mount the plate to the wall. It fits any standard size wall box and has sidewire and backwire compatibility.

Install a few of the 360 Degree Rotating Power Outlets around your home and you never worry about running out of available power sockets again.
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360 Degree Rotating Power Outlet allow unlimited 360-degree clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation. 18 click and hold positions for maximum flexibility.

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