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Do you own a GoPro Hero5 Session? Are you a fan (or a former fan) of Hot Wheel toy cars? If you answered yes to both, your childhood dream of having a first-person perspective or POV from a Hot Wheel car has finally come true. GoPro has partnered with Mattel to launch what is basically a Hot Wheel sized mount on wheels for the GoPro Hero5 Session. Mattel calls it the Hot Wheels Zoom In but we just call it “Hours of mindless fun“.

The best thing about the Hot Wheels Zoom In is that it costs as much as a standard Hot Wheel car which means it is real cheap. However, you do have to use it with a GoPro Hero5 Session and when we last checked, those don’t come cheap unfortunately. And no, it doesn’t work with any of the other GoPro models. However, the Zoom In is such a great idea, it makes it almost a good idea to go get a GoPro Hero 5 Session just to spin this thing around a track.

And speaking of tracks, while all you need is the mount and the camera, to shoot anything remotely interesting, you would certainly need some Hot Wheel tracks. Lots and lots of tracks. Obviously, the more, the better.

Before you go out and spend all your pocket money on tracks, there are a few things you need to be aware of. While the Hot Wheels Zoom In mount is designed to fit on Hot Wheel tracks, it is much heavier than a normal car due to the weight of the camera. This means that doing loops is out. Going quickly around corners can be quite tricky as well.

Getting the Zoom In to get all the way to the end of a really long track requires lots of trial and error but that is where most of the fun is. And when you finally get everything just right, nothing beats the feeling. It even makes up for the dread you feel later on when you realize how much you have spent on getting extra tracks.
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