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Two important rules of survival are having the right skills and the right stuff. Both are equally important. We can’t help you with your skills but we can send you a couple of pointers on the stuff part and about being prepared. Introducing VSSL Supplies, an essential survival gear kit that is packed in a minimalist aluminum tube that also doubles up as an emergency flashlight. This is getting your survival gear ready in style.

If you are not sure on what to include in a survival emergency pack, you can’t go wrong with VSSL Supplies. This compact kit includes tinder fire starter, waterproof matches, a can opener, signalling mirror, a compass, razor blade, water purification tabs, reflective trail markers, marine grade Kevlar rope, beeswax candle, wire saw, emergency whistle, fishing gear and first aid supplies. That is a whole lot of items that you can check off your survival gear list.

The first aid kit includes medical tape, a few different bandage types and sizes, acetaminophen, antiseptic and safety pins.

And would you believe that everything is packed in an 18 ounces, 2 inch diameter, 9 inch long metal tube that is also a dual mode (static and SOS) flashlight? The entire kit is so compact, it is a no-brainer to just throw the VSSL Supplies kit into your backpack to ensure that you got most of the items under the stuff and preparedness part well covered.

It is also important to note that all that equipment aren’t just randomly stuffed into a metal box. The items are all separately packed into smaller cylindrical containers that are all properly labeled for easy identification. That means that in an emergency, you can easily find what you want. The metal tube is a durable seamless, extruded anodized aluminum container that is built to last and you won’t have dents that may cause the inside containers to get stuck.
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