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Do you still have NES and Famicom game cartridges still lying around? Do not throw them away. Relive the nostalgia of your favorite classic games with the Retro Champ.

The Retro Champ is a portable handheld console that plays the original NES and Japanese Famicom games. It is not an emulator as you need the original game carts. The handheld is quite large as it has a built-in 7 inch screen. With the controls at the side, it does make it look a little like the Nintendo Switch.

Retro Champ

Like the Switch, you can either play on the built-in display or connect it to a TV via HDMI. The huge 7 inch display makes a nice change from the tiny 3 to 3 inch displays that are common on the portable emulators. The game carts fit to slots located at the back of the console. There are 2 different slots for the 2 different cart sizes.

The premium bundle version of the Retro Champ comes with 2 wireless controllers. The console comes with a built-in kickstand that is ideal for propping the display on a table for 2 player gaming.

Last but not least, the Retro Champ comes with a discrete cleaning kit for cleaning dusty cartridges. No more blowing on cartridges. They thought of everything didn’t they?
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