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Speakers come in all shapes, sizes and of course different prices. Speakers that cost thousands of dollars are not unheard of but unless you are super rich, these are not the types of speakers that you would want sitting in your home. Sure, some people may yearn for one as a status symbol but we can safely say that unless you are an discerning audiophile, you probably won’t be able to tell the difference in audio quality. The Lyric Speaker on the other hand is a speaker that costs a whopping $4,500 but once you see it, you will definitely wish you could have afforded it.

First and foremost, the Lyric Speaker looks nothing like any other high-end, expensive speaker. In fact, it doesn’t even look much like a speaker. Upon a closer look, you will find 5 speakers mounted around the handsomely made stainless steel case. There are two coax speakers on the front, two down-firing cone speakers at the bottom and a woofer at the rear. The front and the back panels of the speaker are translucent and looks tinted. Because of the translucent panels you can actually see through the speakers.

The magic happens when you start playing on this one-of-a-kind speaker. The speakers emits the music as expected but the translucent panels are not just there for aesthetic purpose. Sandwiched in between the two panels is a translucent display. When the music starts playing, the display springs to life and animates the song lyrics. This is not a karaoke machine so don’t expect timing prompts and bouncing dots. The lyrics display is actually quite mesmerizing on its own. It somehow turns the lyrics display into a work of art that is influenced by the music beat and genre. It has to be seen to be believed.

The Lyric Speaker uses WiFi connectivity so you don’t use it like a Bluetooth speaker. There is an included app that you use to select the music that you wish to play. The app can play from your device’s music collection. The app also has support for streaming music services like Spotify. Lyrics are downloaded automatically and synced with the music. Besides English lyrics, the Lyric Speaker also has support for Japanese songs and lyrics. If you are playing a piece of music that has no lyrics or if the lyrics could not be found, the speaker outputs animated graphics that sync with the music.

This isn’t the kind of speaker you want to hide in the corner. The Lyric Speaker should be treated like an art installation that becomes the focal point of your living or audio room. While the sound quality is above average, it won’t be able to match a similarly priced high-end speaker. It is obvious that the Lyric Speaker was built to awe your visual senses rather than your aural ones.

Part of the reason why the Lyric Speaker is so expensive is that each speaker is build by hand in Japan. Only a limited number of speakers (currently 15) are produced a month. We are not sure if there is currently a waiting list. But if you are privileged enough to be able to afford one, why don’t you place an order and let us know if there is one.
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