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If you are hunting for a portable travel crib or commonly referred to “Pack ‘n Play” (although this actually refers to a particular travel crib from a popular brand), there are countless brands and models to choose from. However, if you are looking for one to puts safety high above everything else, there are actually only a handful available and the Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib is one of them.

What makes the Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib rank higher than its competitors in safety ranking is the fact that it has the Greenguard Guard certification and as far as we know, it is the only travel crib in the world that has this certification. The certification tests the crib by sealing it in a sealed chamber for 7 days and test for any toxic emissions. That means that not only does it not contain any banned substance, it has been certified not to emit anything that is harmful to your baby.

Besides being truly safe, the Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib does have many great and innovative features. For example, it is one of the most lightweight and portable travel cribs on the market. Most travel cribs out there (including the popular Pack ‘n Play) are actually quite heavy and quite a hassle to setup and collapse for storage or travel. It literally takes under 15 seconds to set up and you can do it single handedly.

Since it is so easy to set up, it is actually quite feasible for you to move it around the house. For example you can have it moved from the living room to the kitchen so that you can easily keep an eye on your baby or toddler. You can move it from downstairs to upstairs. Or you can move it from your home to a friend’s or to a playgroup. All without a second thought because of its portability.

When collapsed, the Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib can be stored in its own compact storage bag. Just sling it over your back and you can have both your hands free. Perfect for minding to your baby and absolutely essential especially when traveling by airplane.

Another innovative feature is the zipped opening on the side. It provides an easier access to your young one instead of just from the top. For older kids, it turns the Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib into a fun space that they can get in and out on their own. It becomes a true play space instead of a restrictive prison. It can be so much fun, you may want to join in yourself.
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